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Central, or Central, is one of the three regions of Vietnam, along with the North and the South. The Central region has many hills and mountains spreading to the sea, dividing the narrow plains. The climate and most of the land are generally more extreme than the other two regions. The Central Region is now divided into 3 smaller regions, namely the North Central Coast, the South Central Coast and the Central Highlands with the central city of Da Nang.

Eight UNESCO world heritage sites stretch across Vietnam. Each place offers interesting perspectives on local life and majestic natural beauty. The Imperial Citadel and Hue mausoleums take you back to the Nguyen Dynasty full of ups and downs. Hoi An ancient town was once a bustling meeting point for ships and traders around the world. Throughout other provinces and cities, you will encounter ancient relics, poetic scenes, and vivid pieces that create the picture of Vietnamese heritage.

With a history of fighting against invaders to protect the land, win freedom, independence and build the country dating back thousands of years by the Vietnamese people and the convergence of 54 other ethnic groups. each other has contributed to the diversity, richness and uniqueness of Vietnam's culture.

Vietnam is a country with 54 different ethnic groups, each of which has its own unique and impressive culture and identity. It is this difference in ethnic composition that has contributed to creating a very diverse, rich and unique beauty for Vietnam's culture that no other country can replace. Customs in Vietnam have a long tradition spanning thousands of years, it has become customary law, deep and firmly embedded in the hearts of every Vietnamese person.

It's the economy of a developing country. From a poor and populous country, Vietnam has gradually recovered and developed after the devastation of war, the loss of financial aid from the former socialist bloc, and the weakness of its economy. concentrated economy. After 1986, with the Doi Moi Policy, Vietnam's economy made great progress and achieved an average economic growth rate of about 9% annually from 1993 to 1997. GDP growth was 8.5% in 1997, it decreased to 4% in 1998 due to the impact of the 1997 Asian economic crisis, and increased to 4.8% in 1999...