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Go Cong shrimp paste - Tien Giang | Famous specialty of Tien Giang Province

Reminding of the shrimp paste without visiting Go Cong to buy it is not the right style of Tien Giang tourism. To get a good batch of fish sauce, it requires a lot of effort and meticulousness in each stage. Must choose ingredients including silver shrimp with many bricks, bring back, wash, season with spices, and then smooth out.

Then put it to dry in the sun, rub the shrimp meat, mix it with garlic and chili, and dry it in the sun for 10 days and a half a month. The result is an eye-catching red fish sauce. Such a feat, so in the past, this was a dish reserved for the king to enjoy.


Traditional dish of Go Cong shrimp paste

People here often eat fish sauce with vermicelli, rice paper rolls with boiled pork, etc. Just thinking about it makes me feel excited on the tip of my tongue. Many tourists visiting Tien Giang bought  Go Cong shrimp paste, a  specialty of Tien Giang, to give to their relatives and friends.

  • Address : Kim Sa shrimp paste, 141 Truong Dinh, Go Cong town, Tien Giang province. | Discovering the Vietnam

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