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Trung Luong plum - Tien Giang | Famous specialty of Tien Giang Province

Trung Luong plum is also a specialty of Tien Giang that is worth bringing back as a gift for relatives and friends when tourists visit this river region.


Trung Luong plums are round and round

The plum is round and round, with a slightly reddish color, with two types of plum: red striped pink and stone peach pink. When eaten, it is very crispy, the sweet and sour flavors blend together, and when eaten with sugar sauce, it is very delicious.

  • Address : Luong Nhon hamlet, My Luong commune, Cai Be district, Tien Giang province. | Discovering the Vietnam

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The North and North Central regions have a humid subtropical climate with 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. The Central and South Central regions have a tropical monsoon climate, the extreme South Central and Southern regions have tropical savanna characteristics. At the same time, it is directly influenced by the trade monsoon climate, which often blows in low latitudes. The South often has a tropical savanna climate, hot and humid with two seasons: dry season and rainy season (from April-May to October-November). Every year, the cold and humid winter typical of the North contrasts with the warm atmosphere of Tet and spring in the South.

The aroma of a cup of Vietnamese coffee is a great alarm clock. The fertile basalt soil of the Central Highlands grows quality robusta coffee trees. These coffee beans are one of Vietnam's most beloved export products to the world. Vietnamese coffee culture is very diverse, you can easily count hundreds of coffee shops in big cities. Vietnamese people make traditional coffee using aluminum filters. Watching time pass while waiting for a cup of coffee to drip makes this drink even more flavorful.

Vietnam - a country winding in an S shape on the East Sea coast, has 54 ethnic groups with resilient, indomitable people, standing tall in the face of many wars of invasion; A country with lands with thousands of years of history. With beautiful natural scenery and precious and abundant natural resources, we - the children of Vietnam - are often proud when talking about our Fatherland, our homeland. Listeners are invited to join VOVLIVE to experience the beauty of the country and

Located on the banks of Ka Long, the border river between Vietnam and China, Xa Tac Temple, Mong Cai City, Quang Ninh Province, is not only a place to worship and practice folk cultural beliefs of residents. This place also has significance as a cultural milestone, affirming the sacred sovereignty of the Fatherland. Recently, this hundreds of years old historical and cultural relic was recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a National relic because of its unique values....