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Oranges, tangerines, grapefruit – Tien Giang | Famous specialty of Tien Giang Province

Tien Giang is known as the “Kingdom of Fruits”. In addition to Tien Giang specialties, which are durian and Trung Luong plum, oranges, tangerines, and grapefruits in Tien Giang are equally delicious. 

The orange is big, the orange is fragrant with a light sweet smell, mixed with a very strange sour taste. 


Cai Be Sugar Tangerine

In addition to crockery, Tien Giang also has a unique type of tangerine, which is Cai Be tangerine. Tangerines are round and flat, thin skin is easy to peel, each citrus is juicy, sour, so it provides a lot of vitamin C, good for health. 

Especially Tien Giang green-skinned pomelo. The appearance of green-skinned pomelo is very recognizable, glossy and thin skin. Inside few seeds (or no seeds), each grapefruit is full, when ripe, it has a moderate sweet and sour taste. | Discovering the Vietnam

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