Top 19 Famous specialties of Tien Giang Province 2024 | Summary all famous foods of Tien Giang Province

Tien Giang is a coastal province in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. The province is located in the Southern Key Economic Zone. The provincial capital is My Tho City, located 70 km southwest of Ho Chi Minh City and 90 km northeast of Can Tho City along National Highway 1A. Tien Giang has a coastline of 32 km with relatively flat terrain, neutral alluvial soil, less acidic along the Tien River, accounting for about 53% of the province's area, suitable for a variety of crops and livestock. Tien Giang is a province with great potential for tourism.

Eight UNESCO world heritage sites stretch across Vietnam. Each place offers interesting perspectives on local life and majestic natural beauty. The Imperial Citadel and Hue mausoleums take you back to the Nguyen Dynasty full of ups and downs. Hoi An ancient town was once a bustling meeting point for ships and traders around the world. Throughout other provinces and cities, you will encounter ancient relics, poetic scenes, and vivid pieces that create the picture of Vietnamese heritage.

Vietnam is the homeland of diverse bloodlines. The community of 54 ethnic groups is divided into hundreds of smaller groups. Each ethnic minority maintains its own culture, with its own rituals, costumes, and language. The best way to learn about them is through practical experiences such as living with indigenous people, or learning how to weave fabric with unique patterns. National culture is always an attractive highlight of Vietnamese tourism.

The aroma of a cup of Vietnamese coffee is a great alarm clock. The fertile basalt soil of the Central Highlands grows quality robusta coffee trees. These coffee beans are one of Vietnam's most beloved export products to the world. Vietnamese coffee culture is very diverse, you can easily count hundreds of coffee shops in big cities. Vietnamese people make traditional coffee using aluminum filters. Watching time pass while waiting for a cup of coffee to drip makes this drink even more flavorful.

Cuisine is the term for the method of preparing food, the principle of mixing spices and the general eating habits of all Vietnamese people in Vietnam. Although there are more or less differences, Vietnamese cuisine still has the most general meaning to refer to all dishes that are popular in ethnic minority communities but are relatively popular in the ethnic community. Vietnamese...