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Durian – Tien Giang | Famous specialty of Tien Giang Province

Going to the West, it is difficult to avoid the faint scent of melancholy in the gardens. But  Ngu Hiep Tien Giang durian  is even more fragrant, is an extremely famous destination for those who love this fruit.


The fragrant yellow Ngu Hiep durian

For those who are addicted to durian, this is really like paradise. The durian here is golden with large round, succulent, nose-splitting aroma, when eaten, it has a fleshy, fatty taste. Although I eat sorrow, my heart is not sad at all.


Every piece is juicy and fragrant

If you like, you can hand-pick durians, enjoy them in the garden, and then bring them back as gifts for relatives and friends.

  • Address : Ngu Hiep commune, Cai Lay district, Tien Giang province. | Discovering the Vietnam

Source: Collected internet.

The streets paint the lives of Vietnamese people. The streets here are not just for traveling. Streets and sidewalks are also places to shop, eat, meet for a cup of coffee, get a haircut or rest. Big cities are always full of life with the roar of millions of motorbikes, where you can feel a constant source of energy bubbling on every street.

The specialties of each region of Vietnam carry within themselves the local lifestyle and the quintessence of nature there. The North cherishes delicate recipes, like a delicious bowl of bun thang that must be prepared for many hours. In the Central region, royal culinary traditions and typical spices blend in unique dishes such as lotus rice or spring rolls. Southern braised fish and sour soup come from abundant seafood resources, the pride of the Mekong Delta.

Vietnam is a country with 54 different ethnic groups, each of which has its own unique and impressive culture and identity. It is this difference in ethnic composition that has contributed to creating a very diverse, rich and unique beauty for Vietnam's culture that no other country can replace. Customs in Vietnam have a long tradition spanning thousands of years, it has become customary law, deep and firmly embedded in the hearts of every Vietnamese person.

Located on the banks of Ka Long, the border river between Vietnam and China, Xa Tac Temple, Mong Cai City, Quang Ninh Province, is not only a place to worship and practice folk cultural beliefs of residents. This place also has significance as a cultural milestone, affirming the sacred sovereignty of the Fatherland. Recently, this hundreds of years old historical and cultural relic was recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a National relic because of its unique values....