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My Tho noodle soup - Tien Giang | Famous specialty of Tien Giang Province

Referring to the bold southern noodle soup, besides Sa Dec and Nam Vang noodles, the specialty of Tien Giang that is hard to ignore is My Tho noodle soup. The noodles have small white stalks, are dry, tough, have a slightly sour taste, a very unique feature that other places do not have.


The specialty of Tien Giang must try is My Tho noodle soup

A bowl of noodle soup often has dried shrimp, fat shrimp, char siu meat, chicken intestines, quail eggs, green onions, parsley, cabbage, etc. Depending on the preferences of visitors, chives or price can also be added.


My Tho noodle soup has a strong taste that attracts diners

What makes My Tho noodles unique is the rich broth. This broth is cooked from pork bone broth, along with a little salty taste from dried shrimp, squid and a couple of radishes. Every time the lid is opened to fill the water, the fragrance that follows comes out sweet, lingering, causing diners to pass by but not be able to visit the shop. If you have the opportunity to go  on a 1-day Western tour,  don’t forget to enjoy My Tho noodles!

  •   Address : Uncle Bay’s noodle soup 150 Nguyen Hue, Ward 7, My Tho City, Tien Giang Province
  •  Price:  20,000 VND/bowl | Discovering the Vietnam

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Cuisine is one of the factors that create differences and characteristics of each country in the world. If when mentioning sushi, people will immediately think of Japan, kimchi is associated with Korea and Thailand with famous dishes such as tomyum, mango sticky rice, then when mentioning Vietnam, visitors will certainly not You can't miss pho, banh mi, banh xeo, crab noodle soup.

Vietnam is one of the countries with a unique culture and unique features that no other country in the world has. The differences that create an impression on Vietnamese culture include costumes, customs, and cuisine. Hopefully the above useful information will help you better understand Vietnamese culture.

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